Monday, 9 November 2015

Top 7 Things in my Handbag for Summer

These are a few things you can find in my Handbag on any given summer's day...
1. Wallet
2. Glamour Magazine
For when you need to pass some time.
3. Wet wipes
I use these from Kleenex because they can be used on your face too. Perfect for summer in the sun.
4. Hand cream
I can't live without hand cream.
5. Smint
I am absolutely addicted to these. Fresh breath without chewing gum.
6. Make-up touch ups
I usually carry a little concealer and a lip gloss or lip stick to take my look from dat to night. From beach to sunset cocktails.
7. Light perfume
This perfume by Clarins is perfect for summer. It smells like sailing on a luxury yatch through the Greek Islands.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

My love for Coffee

Are you are like me who cannot get through the morning without my coffee?
Well my lovely friends I have a recipe for a healthier Iced coffee to make at home for the summer time...
(Instant, Filter or Espresso pod)
Pinch of Salt
(reduce bitterness)
Sugar or Sweetener

Start by making a very small amount of strong coffee.
If you are using Instant or Filter coffee then I use a 1:3 ratio of coffee to boiling water.
Add the salt and sugar.
The amount of sugar is really up to you as to how sweet you like your Coffee.
Add the Ice to your drinking glass then add the coffee.
Top the glass up with milk.
Pop in a straw and enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Nails on a Budget

So towards the end of the month our pockets start to feel pretty skinny but this won't stop us from letting our nails still look fabulous... Here's how I do it... 
 I cannot stress this enough, it is as important as looking after your own skin. Prepping is vital for taking care of the nail bed & for the lasting of your nail polish. Start by using a strengthening or moisturising nail polish remover and don't forget to remove all the dirt from under your nails (yuck). Once cleaned, file the edges of the nail then moving onto removing the nail ridges on the nail bed. Next smooth the nail bed and finally shine the nail. I personally don't shine my nails if I am going to put a polish over as it is enough shine for me.
It makes your nails look gorgeous when bare.
I love the Sally Hansen Cuticle Eraser & Balm. It softens the cuticles enough to remove them and create the perfect nail bed. I'd recommend you do this at least an hour before you start the painting process and clear it off the nail, as I find the balm is a bit 'waxy' and doesn't let the polish stick. simply put a little of the balm on your cuticles and push back with a nail stick.
I find this step as an added bonus, 'A personal relaxing step' if you will. Choose a good hand and nail cream, balm or butter and massage it into your hands and wrists. this just makes your little paws pretty and radiant. If you do this step, don't forget to use a cotton pad to remove the cream, balm or butter from your nails before you start the next step.
I have found an awesome long-lasting gel polish made by Essence. There is no need for a lamp and it gives an awesome gel finish. It's so good that often my friends have asked where I had my nails done.
The tip to getting an even polish is to start by wiping half of the brush on the inside of the polish bottle. Then start in the middle of the nail by the cuticle and pull down with firm pressure and move over to the furthest side from you and then back to the other side. Do a once over to smooth out any missed places and gathering of polish. Don't forget to leave the polish to dry each time you do a coat.
Lets start off with a Base coat. This preps the nail for the colour coat to stick better and reduce the chance of chipping.
 Once dry do a coat or two of your favourite colour polish depending on how strong the colour is and how strong you want the colour to be. Often two coats is just the right amount. You can use any colour polish by any brand.
Now to seal the deal, coat your pretty nail with the top coat to add shine and help reduce chipping.

Now to finish off, use a Corrector pen to take away any smudges or imperfections.

Your nails should last you up to a week or two, just don't forget to buy a pair of gloves to wash the dishes. Now go show off your beautiful nails.


Monday, 5 October 2015

Homemade Coffee Scrub

I have recently found this amazing homemade scrub which helps to fight against cellulite, leaves skin feeling gorgeous and it makes an amazing gift too! It is sometimes better than store bought, but that's between us girls.
We all have these ingredients laying around at home so why not try it?


Coffee Granules
Oil (Coconut, Almond or Olive)
Sugar (I like a finer variety)
Use a 2:1:1 ratio.
Depending on how much you are wanting to make. Just remember that when the weather is warm you should make it in small doses to prevent it from moulding.


Combine all the ingredients
Apply to your face and gently rub in circular motions otherwise apply it to your body, gently rub in circular motions for 10 min then leave to dry completely
Now rinse off!

Your bath/shower/bathroom should look like a muddy pig just ran through so be careful!
On the plus side, your skin will feel AMA-ZING!
Just don't forget to store it in an air-tight jar, tub or pot.
If you are wanting to give this lovely handmade scrub as a gift why not make it a little interesting? 
Add vanilla or cinnamon to make it smell extra lovely.
Finally place it in a cute little jar with a ribbon around it.
Who knows people might start buying it from you.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My Summer Essentials

So seen that we can pretty much start smelling Summer, I thought I'd share my summer essentials list with you.
I cannot go any where without these items. There is nothing quite like the smell of sun-cream to float you back into that summer daze where the beaches are hot but the water is cool, where the cocktails are just a little more tasty and where Sundays are what you look forward to.
Clockwise from top left
Mr Price Slouchy Tee, Consol glass water bottle, Camera, Scented candle, Lovisa Watch,
Labello Hydro Care lipice, Clicks Tan Enhancing Sun-cream, Billabong Bikini, Denim shorts, Pedro's Eyewear Vintage Eyewear, Pick 'n Pay Fresh Living Magazine,
Miss Leigh Flower head band, Mr Price Sandles
Now that we have what we need to make it through summer 
let's sit back on those pool floats and sip on Carrie's Favourite cocktail.
See you by the pool!

Monday, 28 September 2015

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Top 5 Things I can't live without

So these 5 things hold a special place in my heart and I cannot get through a day without them.


Friends and family are the ones who ground you, love you and support you no matter what. They are always there and put a smile on your face when the skies are grey. They give you the best kind of memories in life.
"The best times are found when family & friends are around"



Being able to captures those special moments in life are a big deal to me and most others. I've been called a photo terror many times before.
"Some moments cannot be described by words"


Nivea is my go-to beauty brand. Its quality and always smells lovely.
Chanel is my perfume that I cannot get enough of, it's "spirited and sensual" as Coco put it. It is the perfect scent that sums me up.
"When someone smells nice, it automatically makes them more attractive"


I cannot get through a day without my coffee.
"Any time is coffee o'clock"


Every young lady these days needs to smile daily.
I've been told so many times to smile more as it warms up a room. It is the best form of beauty.
 "Life is too short not to smile"

Monday, 14 September 2015

Big Dreams & New Beginnings

After a lot of dreaming about the direction I want my blog to go, I realised it needed to be re-named and re-designed. This is my chance to turn over the leaf and make my dream come true.
The great Walt Disney once said:
"All our dreams can come true - if we have the courage to pursue them".
I hope you will join me on this adventure and look at the world through my eyes.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Friday, 15 May 2015

Pretty nails with a difference #tiptopnail

Beautiful nails done with Tip Top Nail Chic Professional Lacquer in Meringue Surprise and one nail with glitter. Have a fantastic Friday ladies! xoxo

Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Easter is almost here!

Hope you are all getting into the spirit. Just don't forget the reason for which this holiday is all about.

Monday, 30 March 2015

INSPIRATION Monday Motivation

So I know I haven't posted in months but I have been very busy thinking about this space... but in the mean time here is a little something to inspire your Monday.
Have a fab one!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015


Designer to the stars, Zuhair is one of my ultimate favourites. The Lebanese designer has been sketching works of art since he was only ten. His inspiration comes from Grecian and Egyptian goddesses with his own vision of the modern powerful lady. He has a way with simple fabrics as he makes the ordinary, extraordinary. He is well known for silk and chiffon fabrics with bead, sequin or embroider detailing. Not many people know but he has his own range of shoes and handbags within his growing brand.

What Zuhair has done is made a Haute Couture and a Ready-to-wear collection. Although I feel his Haute Couture line is simple and elegant enough to wear to a cocktail party or an important event. Zuhair is well known for his Bridal collection, you can find it in Klienfeld in New York City or his Original boutique in Paris, France.

Zuhair has done it once again this season. He used a black, white, jade and crimson colour pallet. We saw a lot of asymmetrical lines, geometric lines, high slits and strong shoulders with perfect tailoring. Metallic accessories are his go to, we saw a lot of belting and simple pumps on the runway this season.
FALL/WINTER 2014-2015
FALL/WINTER 2014-2015
FALL/WINTER 2014-2015
FALL/WINTER 2014-2015
FALL/WINTER 2014-2015
FALL/WINTER 2014-2015
FALL/WINTER 2014-2015
FALL/WINTER 2014-2015
It is for the feminine lady who is strong, powerful and is ready to strut the world like it’s her runway.
Zuhair Murad, we salute you

Monday, 5 January 2015

MODEL SPOTLIGHT Alessandra Ambrosio

After the Victoria Secret Fashion Show I felt I should shine the spotlight on the beautiful Alessandra Corine Ambr√≥sio. This angel was born on 11 April 1981 in a town called Erechim, south of Rio Grande do sul, in Brazil.

At the age of 11 she had plastic surgery to pin her ears back due to her insecurities about her “large” ears, it later had complications where she made the decision to never go under the knife again. I salute her for her natural beauty, it’s the best kind.

She started her career in 1996 and has been climbing the ladder ever since. Ambrosio has been seen on the runways of Dior, Chanel, Armani and Ralph Lauren just to name a 2012 she was listed on the Forbes top- earning models at no.6 earning a whopping $6.6 million in a year.
In 2004 she joined the VS angels where she became the first ambassador for their PINK line. A year later she walked their famous runway in classy style only as she does best. Since then she has walked their runways donning two fantasy bras and many awesome outfits and magical wings. In 2012 she wore her first fantasy bra and last year was the first time VS had two fantasy bras where Ambrosio and Adriana Lima were chosen.


Behind this public career path she found her soul-mate, businessman, Jamie Mazur in 2008. Alessandra and fiancé have two beautiful children, Anja (2008) and Noah (2012). Anja is a mini-me version of Alessandra, often found trending on the streets together.

Recently she has become a spokesperson for National Multiple Sclerosis Society. She continues to surprise us with her talents as she started branching off into fashion design and has her own line of amazing clothes called Ale by Alessandra. Keep an eye on this young lady as she has a few ideas up her sleeves.