Monday, 9 November 2015

Top 7 Things in my Handbag for Summer

These are a few things you can find in my Handbag on any given summer's day...
1. Wallet
2. Glamour Magazine
For when you need to pass some time.
3. Wet wipes
I use these from Kleenex because they can be used on your face too. Perfect for summer in the sun.
4. Hand cream
I can't live without hand cream.
5. Smint
I am absolutely addicted to these. Fresh breath without chewing gum.
6. Make-up touch ups
I usually carry a little concealer and a lip gloss or lip stick to take my look from dat to night. From beach to sunset cocktails.
7. Light perfume
This perfume by Clarins is perfect for summer. It smells like sailing on a luxury yatch through the Greek Islands.

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