Tuesday, 29 September 2015

My Summer Essentials

So seen that we can pretty much start smelling Summer, I thought I'd share my summer essentials list with you.
I cannot go any where without these items. There is nothing quite like the smell of sun-cream to float you back into that summer daze where the beaches are hot but the water is cool, where the cocktails are just a little more tasty and where Sundays are what you look forward to.
Clockwise from top left
Mr Price Slouchy Tee, Consol glass water bottle, Camera, Scented candle, Lovisa Watch,
Labello Hydro Care lipice, Clicks Tan Enhancing Sun-cream, Billabong Bikini, Denim shorts, Pedro's Eyewear Vintage Eyewear, Pick 'n Pay Fresh Living Magazine,
Miss Leigh Flower head band, Mr Price Sandles
Now that we have what we need to make it through summer 
let's sit back on those pool floats and sip on Carrie's Favourite cocktail.
See you by the pool!


  1. Divine! A) when are you coming for a pool party! We must organise. B) where can I get a Miss Leigh flower headband asap

    1. A) this weekend!!!!!
      B) what style you wanting? I have quite a few.